About me

My name is Andrey Zuyev. I’m also well known as Andy Fiord.

I was born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

I graduated

…from St. Petersburg State University, where I studied astrophysics and applied mathematics. I earned a PhD in 2005.

As a scientist, I

  • researched solar physics;
  • developed systems for image registration and mathematical processing for astrophysics, nuclear physics, biology, material science and medicine;
  • developed mathematical methods for vulnerability analysis;
  • researched macroeconomic issues of the post-industrial society;
  • authored three books and over 80 articles in these fields.

As an entrepreneur and business executive, I

  • started a company that created one of the world’s first digital imaging system for telescopes and astrophysics;
  • founded a group of companies that became a market leader in CCTV, integrated security and access control systems;
  • started a a full-service photo and film production company.

As a fashion photographer and producer, I

  • shot for fashion magazines, including Vogue;
  • produced fashion shows for Jean Paul Gaultier, Blumarine and many other brands;
  • led the art direction on many photo and video shoots.

Currently, my main pursuits are

  • traveling to and filming locations where Earth looks like a planet in space;
  • studying and the use of state-of-the-art cinema technology and workflows.

I’ve recently built a Dolby Vision color grading suite. It is — for the time being — one of the few licensed Dolby Vision color suites in the world and the first one in Russia.


  • I’m a leader and team builder;
  • I love learning and exploring new challenging ways of applying myself;
  • I love teaching, coaching and leading people to success — I’m obsessed with people;
  • As a technophile, I always look forward to getting my hands on the latest and greatest technology;
  • I prefer nature to the city;
  • I’m inspired by sunrises and starry skies;
  • I enjoy playing tennis, riding a jet ski fast in stormy weather, driving race cars, and exploring the underwater world through diving;
  • I love all animals, but cats hold a special place in my heart — to me, they are magical elves;
  • I have real friends;
  • I enjoy my life.

Here you can read about my businesses.

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