Звездное небо

Днем не видно звезд. Дневное существование — земное. Оно ограничено выхваченной солнечным светом из безграничного пространства крошечной частью Вселенной.

Ночью, вдали от искусственных огней, на сцене театра ближнего мира гаснет свет и человек встречается с великим таинством бесконечной глубины звездного неба.

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My businesses

All of the businesses I started began with some sort of passion I had. By the age of 10, I took an interest in astronomy, built my very own telescopes, and went on expeditions as a schoolboy. Later I would go on to study for a degree in astronomy and mathematics before finding a job at Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory. Photographic emulsion had long been the only means by which any kind of astrophysical images could be recorded. However, it was at the time of my involvement in the industry that the first CCD sensors were developed, thus giving rise to a breathtaking opportunity — to create a high-sensitivity digital camera for telescopes. It was presumed that this new camera would usher in a whole new era of celestial observations. And so it became my dream. Thus, I founded my first company — ISTA, followed by the subsequent establishment of ISTA Group.

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